Experience and achievements

I've been designing for over five years. I've worked in a few agencies as a UI and motion designer. I then freelanced for a few years, before taking on the role of UI/UX designer at NewDay. I've been fortunate enough to have collaborated with Amazon, Framestore and have produced work for Dyson. I've successfully completed an 8 week, front-end intensive web development course and hold a certificate.


I like to be hands on, from the very beginning of a project. The first thing I do is understand what we're trying to solve, and why it's important. Then I try to poke holes in the problem and look at it from another angle. If it's robust, I'll research around the topic before pouring ideas into a moodboard (I use invision) and start sketching. If it's an in-house project, I'll involve our lead developer even from the ideation process - to have their view from a build perspective is valuable, in particular if speed is a priority. When I can visualise something tangible, I'll solicit feedback on ideas and either make adjustments or continue. I'll then make wireframes, either in Axure or Sketch App, and outline an IX flow.

After further feedback, I'll start to build high-fidelity mock ups in Sketch App, and once that's done create a prototype in Framer or Principle. I'll obtain feedback on the prototype again before handing over assets to the devs. Once build is done, I'll provide feedback before we ship. After launch, I'll take a 'post-mortem' - try to understand what we learned and what we could do better next time. Measuring user results with tools like Google Analytics and Mouseflow help inform the next iteration.


[ Sketch App, Invision, Abstract, Axure, Framer, Principle, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, HTML, CSS, JS ]

What I'm thinking about

Interfaces of the future, in particular AR and how that will change the way we will tell stories. Accounting for these new interfaces in the UX design process, and how that will change us as designers. AR kit and Daydream View are pretty interesting early glimpses of what's just around the corner. New design tools like InVision Studio and Invision Design System Manager are pretty next level. I also just finished a great read about how to cultivate creativity, and started on Deep Work, a book about extending one's focus.


Frank Yoo, Dieter Rams, Katie Dill, Carl Pei, Joanna Nguyen, Mathías Duarte, Jony Ive, Andy Rubin

When I'm not designing I'm

Looking for inspiration in the day to day, often through a lens. I'm often watching films, at the gym and getting together with friends. Trying to think of something profound to post on Twitter, or adding to my Instagram.


To continue to work on meaningful products and experiences that affect people's lives in a positive way. To remain in a state of constant learning, and to approach new problems with a beginners' mentality. At some point I'd like to live and work in another country, perhaps China, and see how their culture applies to the design process. 但愿如此!

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