Creating an app to tell the world about our neighbours


Far too many of us are not aware of or flat out deny climate change. If scientific evidence is not enough for some, drawing more attention to the effect we're having on the other species that inhabit Earth could help incite action. In particular among the younger generation.

View by conservation status

Seemed like the best way to tug at our heartstrings. Card feed views of 'Extinct' and 'Threatened' animals, sorted by the month in which new species were added. To make sure it's not all doom and gloom, views of 'Restored', 'Discovered' and 'Following' species.


Touch a card to learn more

Reading mode - an immersive experience to learn more about the animals we're affecting. If you'd like to track a species and be notified whenever it's status changes with a push notification, you can bookmark it. It will then appear in 'Following'. Reading mode also features sharing options to let friends know how much you love that weird rhino.

Search for anything

Wondering how many frogs were discovered recently? You can search for any animal, featuring conservation status filters. I'd like to pump this feature up with the ability to filter by month, but I think that will have to be a day two thing.


This is a work in progress. More about the process here.

The app will pull species data via Wikipedia's API - currently working on a real data prototype coming soon.

Thank you for viewing.

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